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Parking Code of Ordinances

Gaithersburg Parking Ticket Payment

Sec. 14-6. - Method of parking generally.

(a)  Except when necessary in obedience to traffic regulations or ordinances or to official signs or signals, the driver of a vehicle shall not stop, stand or park any vehicle in a roadway within the city other than parallel with the edge of the roadway and with the right wheels of the vehicle within twelve (12) inches of the edge of the roadway; except, that a passenger vehicle may stop parallel and as near as practicable to parked vehicles only long enough to take on or discharge passengers and a commercial vehicle may likewise stand while actually engaged in loading and unloading merchandise if no curb space is available within a reasonable distance; provided, that such vehicle while so parked shall not unreasonably impede or interfere with orderly two-way traffic and that on one-way streets, one lane shall be kept open for moving traffic.

(b)  No vehicle shall be parked on a roadway or on a public parking facility in such a position as to prevent another vehicle already legally parked or stopped from moving away.

(c)  No vehicle shall be parked on a roadway within two (2) feet of the front or rear of another vehicle parked at or parallel to the curb unless otherwise designated.

(d)  No vehicle shall be parked so that the vehicle is within five (5) feet of any entrance to any public or private driveway or so as to obstruct any such established entrance; except, that an owner may obstruct his own private residence driveway or permit others to do so.

(e)  No person shall drive or park any vehicle on or over any curb, sidewalk or drainage structure, except over driveways constructed for such purpose; provided, that this paragraph shall not apply in emergencies where suitable provision is made, by the laying of planking or otherwise, for the bridging of such curb, sidewalk or drainage structure in such a way that no damage will be done thereto.

Sec. 14-10. - Parking of commercial vehicles or buses on public roadways.

It shall be unlawful to park any commercial vehicle on any roadway except when such a vehicle is actually engaged in loading or unloading passengers, merchandise or materials or when the owner or operator of such vehicle is actively engaged in work on property within a reasonable distance thereof. At authorized terminal stands of bus routes operating under a permit from the state, county or city, stops may be made for a sufficient period of time, not to exceed thirty (30) minutes, for the purpose of maintaining schedules. This section shall not apply to a vehicle involuntarily parked because of a mechanical failure or another emergency, provided such a vehicle is removed within a reasonable period of time.

Sec. 14-16. - Parking for more than forty-eight hours prohibited.

No person shall park any motor vehicle or other vehicle upon any street, avenue, road, highway, public parking lot or vacant lot for a continuous period of more than forty-eight hours at any one time. 

Sec. 14-17. - Parking of trailers and unregistered motor vehicles prohibited.

(a)  No person shall park any trailer, camper trailer or boat trailer, or any unregistered motor vehicle, upon any highways, roads, streets or other public property in the city at any time.

Community Updates


To help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the City of Gaithersburg has closed its buildings and suspended in-person services through at least April 30, 2020. 

The collection of bulk pick up items is suspended. Please do not place items outside for collection.  Please check the City website for a decision on May's bulk pick up collection before placing any items outside for collection.

Updates will be posted at and on Facebook and Twitter @GburgMD

Recycling/trash collection - normal schedule. Transfer Station recycling/trash drop-offs - modified hours.
Be in the know - Sign up for service updates and reminders.
Effective Monday, April 6, 2020 we will stop accepting cash and checks at the Shady Grove Transfer Station Scale House. We will continue to accept credit cards and corporate accounts.

Effective March 30, 2020 Shady Grove Transfer Station hours are:

  • 9:00am - 5:00pm DAILY - Recycling Center & Public Unloading Facility Scale House (355 entrance)
  • 8:00am - 5:00pm MON to SAT - Trash & municipal solid waste Scale House (Shady Grove Road entrance)

Only come to the Shady Grove Transfer Station if you do not have County-provided or private trash collection. If you do not have County-provided or private trash collection and need to dispose of trash at the Transfer Station, DO NOT bring any waste that does not require immediate disposal and DO NOT bring any other waste such as construction debris, bulky/large items, or large amounts of trash from cleaning your house or property (e.g. spring cleaning).

We modified Transfer Station hours and operations to minimize exposure of our customers and employees to COVID-19.

City of Gaithersburg Press Release
Virtual Salute to Everyday Working Heroes Replaces Labor Day Parade

Oktoberfest also Cancelled, Registration Opens Soon for Virtual and In-person Fall Programming

Gaithersburg, MD (August 10, 2020) Due to the ongoing public health crisis, the City of Gaithersburg announces the cancellation of both the Gaithersburg Labor Day Parade, scheduled for Monday, September 7, and Oktoberfest, scheduled for Sunday, October 11. With ongoing gathering and social distancing restrictions needed to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, these events cannot be held safely for participants, staff and vendors. Virtual celebrations will replace the in-person events.

A retrospective video celebrating the history of the Labor Day Parade will be available on the Gaithersburg Special Events Facebook page and on the City’s YouTube channel on September 7. This will be only the second time in 82 years that there has not been a Labor Day Parade in Gaithersburg. The other was in 1942, during World War II. The parade was started by the Gaithersburg Fire Department in 1938 as a fundraiser for its rescue squad. A citizen committee took over organizing duties in 1977, and today the event is coordinated by the City of Gaithersburg with continued support from the Gaithersburg-Washington Grove Fire Department.

To pay tribute to the accomplishments and contributions of American workers, the City’s Labor Day celebration will also include a “Salute to Everyday Working Heroes.” Youth participating in the City’s FunZone summer camps have been busy recording videos to thank those whose work during the pandemic has kept us all going, including health care workers, grocery store clerks, trash and recycling collectors, postal workers, and more. Look for their endearing messages throughout Labor Day weekend on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and comment with examples of your own Everyday Working Heroes using #GburgHeroes. And because even heroes get hungry, a special “Let’s Cook@Casey” recipe video will be available on the Casey Community Center Facebook page during Labor Day Weekend as well.

While plans are still being developed for virtual activities to celebrate the fall season as a replacement for the ever-popular Oktoberfest, the City is conducting both in-person and virtual recreation classes and activities for adults and youth. Registration for City residents begins on August 17, with open registration starting on August 19. Offerings include indoor and outdoor fitness classes, art and music classes, personal development classes, and more. Modified fall sports programs are also taking place for adults and youth, and live streaming programs from the Arts Barn are being considered. Explore the offerings here. Note that all programs are subject to change based on health and safety considerations.

The City of Gaithersburg is currently in Phase 2 of its reopening plan. Updates are made on the City’s website at and on Facebook and Twitter @GburgMD.

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