Montgomery Meadows Parking Information

Montgomery Meadows HOA, Inc. Policy Resolution for Parking Space Assignment, Parking, Vehicle Storage, Vehicle Violations, and Enforcement includes the following Highlights:

  • The updated policy was re-distributed to all homes in neighborhood in 2013. The policy has been effective since April 21st, 1995. If you need a copy of the policy please contact Community Associations.

  • Any vehicle parked in a guest parking space (unnumbered parking spaces) from 12AM to 7AM must have a valid parking permit clearly displayed to avoid being towed.

  • Only current registered, non commercial vehicles are permitted to park in the     marked spaces within the neighborhood

  • Guests are to park in parking spaces that are not numbered.

  • Overflow parking is available on Travis Lane and Travis Avenue.

  • Vehicles parked in Fire Lanes and vehicles parked across the ends of parking spaces (T-Bone parking) will be ticketed by either the City of Gaithersburg Police or Montgomery County Police (301-279-8000).

If you wish to have a police officer dispatched to the neighborhood or you home, for non-emergency, call 301-279-8000. Montgomery County Police Dispatch sends out the closest City of Gaithersburg or Montgomery County Police Officer(s) to our neighborhood.

More Parking Information

Parking Code of Ordinances

Gaithersburg Parking Ticket Payment

Sec. 14-6. - Method of parking generally.

(a)  Except when necessary in obedience to traffic regulations or ordinances or to official signs or signals, the driver of a vehicle shall not stop, stand or park any vehicle in a roadway within the city other than parallel with the edge of the roadway and with the right wheels of the vehicle within twelve (12) inches of the edge of the roadway; except, that a passenger vehicle may stop parallel and as near as practicable to parked vehicles only long enough to take on or discharge passengers and a commercial vehicle may likewise stand while actually engaged in loading and unloading merchandise if no curb space is available within a reasonable distance; provided, that such vehicle while so parked shall not unreasonably impede or interfere with orderly two-way traffic and that on one-way streets, one lane shall be kept open for moving traffic.

(b)  No vehicle shall be parked on a roadway or on a public parking facility in such a position as to prevent another vehicle already legally parked or stopped from moving away.

(c)  No vehicle shall be parked on a roadway within two (2) feet of the front or rear of another vehicle parked at or parallel to the curb unless otherwise designated.

(d)  No vehicle shall be parked so that the vehicle is within five (5) feet of any entrance to any public or private driveway or so as to obstruct any such established entrance; except, that an owner may obstruct his own private residence driveway or permit others to do so.

(e)  No person shall drive or park any vehicle on or over any curb, sidewalk or drainage structure, except over driveways constructed for such purpose; provided, that this paragraph shall not apply in emergencies where suitable provision is made, by the laying of planking or otherwise, for the bridging of such curb, sidewalk or drainage structure in such a way that no damage will be done thereto.

Sec. 14-10. - Parking of commercial vehicles or buses on public roadways.

It shall be unlawful to park any commercial vehicle on any roadway except when such a vehicle is actually engaged in loading or unloading passengers, merchandise or materials or when the owner or operator of such vehicle is actively engaged in work on property within a reasonable distance thereof. At authorized terminal stands of bus routes operating under a permit from the state, county or city, stops may be made for a sufficient period of time, not to exceed thirty (30) minutes, for the purpose of maintaining schedules. This section shall not apply to a vehicle involuntarily parked because of a mechanical failure or another emergency, provided such a vehicle is removed within a reasonable period of time.

Sec. 14-16. - Parking for more than forty-eight hours prohibited.

No person shall park any motor vehicle or other vehicle upon any street, avenue, road, highway, public parking lot or vacant lot for a continuous period of more than forty-eight hours at any one time. 

Sec. 14-17. - Parking of trailers and unregistered motor vehicles prohibited.

(a)  No person shall park any trailer, camper trailer or boat trailer, or any unregistered motor vehicle, upon any highways, roads, streets or other public property in the city at any time.